Dahua 4-door 1-way Master Access Controller

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Dahua 4-door 1-way Master Access Controller

> Support 200,000 valid cards & 150,000 records
> CAN bus can cascade 16 sub controller modules
> Support multiple cards
> Support card, password, fingerprint and combination
> TCP/IP interface 
> Wiegand or RS-485 interface to readers
> Door close time out alarm, intrusion alarm, duress alarm and tamper alarm
> Global anti-passback, multi-door interlock, multi-personal open, remote verification unlock
> Web service can used to configure sub controller
> Support 128 efficient time and holiday schedules
> Built-in RTC, support DST
> Watch dog function ensure device free from halting
> Surface mounted installation
> Accumulator battery extension
> Onvif Profile C, CGI, SDK to the third party platform